Friday, 10 June 2011

Come meet the calender girls :)

For the past few months we have been looking for girls to represent Perfectly Petite in our charity Calender.

We have now chosen the girls and will be working on the calender very soon.

In no particular order here are our calender girls:

Nicole Abbott
Rhianna Bain
Gemma Chan
Claire Davidson
Natalie C Davidson
Macoula Dembele
Jamie Hawkins
Charlotte Huges
Rebecca C Jessica
Sareena Miller
Sophia Sargeant
Namate Silio

Thank you to all that applied. Please keep an eye out for our calendar

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tall trees, and slinky poles, New Petite model picks the perfect pose

On monday evening (30.05.2011) Perfectly Petite's competition winnder, Claire Davidson was invited for her photoshoot. This was her first ever photoshoot so we decided to make it a relaxed atmosphere and go to a location where it would be quiet. We were lucky enough that the weather was on our side and stayed sunny.It made shooting at Camperdown Country Park an enjouable experience for all involved.

So what goes on in a photoshoot...

First of all there is a lot of preparation to be done,some of which involves setting up lighting equiptment, sourcing a location and applying the make up. The make up artist (Fiona Lees) did a brilliant job and can even add to her C.V that she can apply make up in a tent! Fiona worked well with the Photographer (Douglas Kerr), the model and myself as director.

During the photoshoot Claire followed direction well and took on board any ideas that were given to her. This is what makes a good a model. Not only did she take note of what was said she was able to bring her own ideas forward too. Which for a first time model is a great achievement.

Douglas Kerr was very patient with Claire. He allowed her to take her time and answered any questions that she had. I felt this was important for Claire ,and as the shoot progressed you could see she was less nervous and began to enjoy the experience.

Here are a few photographs taken:

We will be seeing more of Claire when she joins the rest of the Perfectly Petite models in our Charity Calendar.

A big thank you goes to Douglas Kerr,Fiona Lees and everyone involved with the photoshoot.