Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Nicole Farrell - Official Perfectly Petite Model and Co-Founder.

Hello beautiful people,

I'm Nicole Farrell and I have been modelling for around 4 years now,
I have been published in FRONT Magazine, Hudon Manilla's First Art Monograph 'One' and I have two images published in the Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography by Maxim Jakubowski.
I am very thin and altough I only stand at 5'6 I have very long limbs and I am always being told I have the perfect figure for fashion, but I have never really been given the chance of that because of my height and the restrictions that agencies and the fashion industry have.

I love the weird and wonderful model industry and everything its about, however I'd love to see petite models being given more of a chance when it comes to Fashion.
I understand that this is the way it is and has been for a very long time but I do believe its time to break the mould and that is why I am putting a lot of work into Perfectly Petite.

I look forward to the projects we have coming up to promote the group.


Nicole Farrell

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