Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Emily Morton - Official Perfectly Petite Model/Promotions

Hi Everyone,

I am Emily Morton and there are a vast array of reasons for why I am a part of Perfectly Petite and why more people should support it.  I have been modelling, in a number of genres, for just over a year now, but I was always aware of my height being a restriction as to how far my career could take me.  After working with Nicole Abbott and Nicole Farrell on a wondeful group shoot, I was invited to join Perfectly Petite.  Full of beautiful, versatile models who are every bit as capable as taller, catwalk models, Perfectly Petite is a revolutionary troupe of creatives striving towards changing the modelling industry.  I am proud to be a member and to promote the cause of giving models of any size a chance in the business!


Emily x

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emily,

    I totally agree with your post, your shots are great, I truly believe height should not be discriminated against in the industry as beauty and uniqueness should stand out more than anything which is why I think Perfectly Petite is perfect to prove this point :)