Friday, 15 April 2011

Gemma Chan - New Official Perfectly Petite Model and Promoter

Say Hello to Miss Gemma Chan, who will be joining Nicole Abbott, Nicole Farrell and Emily Morton of Perfectly Petite.
We Would like to Welcome Gemma to the group and we look forward to working together.

Here Gemma explains why she wants to be part of the Perfectly Petite Team...

In the fashion industry, we are bombarded with images of tall, beautiful women. Many modelling agencies , if not the vast majority of modelling agencies, have set a minimum standard of 5ft 8" in height for women to even be considered for modelling. I am 100% backing up the Pefectly Petite campaign, as I, and I'm sure many others will agree, believe that height is most definately not a hindrance when it comes to modelling. Petite models can exude just as much style, beauty and sophistication as their taller counterparts.

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