Friday, 27 May 2011

Namate Sililo - New Perfectly Petite Model and Promoter

We would like to welcome another member to the group to join Nicole Abbott, Nicole Farrell, Emily Morton and Gemma Chan.

Say Hi to Namate Sililo, here she explains what Perfectly Petite means to her.

I have always loved the idea of modelling but even better now, I love doing it. The best part is the Photo shoots - when it’s just me and the camera, and knowing for certain that height does not matter and that I am a happily certified Perfectly Petite Model at 5”5. But again, it is soo easy to be let down by the perception that an ideal model should be no less than 5”7, an ideology that always gets to me and the main reason why I am in total support of Petite Modelling . Yes, maybe for the catwalk, most highly named fashion organisers will be determined to choose the much taller girls than us petites, but I am determined to not let that discourage me or anyone else. Besides, body part modelling for example to me does not more or less has need height restrictions, so each time someone gives me the judging look of “aren’t you too short to be a model” I am always tempted to give an equally judging answer of “surely the portrait advert of Dior’s sunglasses did not need to be on a 5”7 model to make a sale”. Anyway, I believe if you have what it takes to make it work and put in a lot of effort, height means nothing, when being Perfectly Petite is all it takes.

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  1. Wow these shots are amazing! I am glad to see perfectly petite taking such momentum.