Sunday, 29 May 2011

Macoula Dembele - New Perfectly Petite Model and Promoter

Say Hello to Miss Macoula Dembele , who will be joining Nicole Abbott, Nicole Farrell and Emily Morton of Perfectly Petite.We would like to Welcome Macoula to the group and we look forward to working together.

Here Macoula explains why she wants to be part of the Perfectly Petite Team...

"Being part of the Perfectly Petite team means being able to contribute within the team and to participate in team work helping each other to promote petite modelling. This will be a great opportunity for me to be part of a group that aims to change the way the fashion industry thinks."

"I love what I do, modelling is my passion and sometimes I get put off due to height restrictions. I love Fashion and Catwalk but regularly find my height is a disadvantage to me."

"I'm passionate about Perfectly Petite, willing to help out at events and promote the group through my fully committed approach to modelling."

"Promoting Perfectly Petite will assist me in feeling more positive about my height as one of their main aims is to allow modelling to be open to everyone, especially petite models."

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