Friday, 27 May 2011

Rebecca C Jessica- New Perfectly Petite Model and Promoter

Say Hello to Rebecca, our newest Perfectly Petite member.
Here she explains what it means to her to be part of Perfectly Petite.

Promoting petite modelling is very important to me for the mere fact that I have a huge passion for both modelling and acting and I am determined to succeed in both of these industries. The modelling side can sometimes be made difficult due to my height. I have had times in which I've been considered for modelling agencies until I have told them my height and then suddenly I get an email telling me that I am not tall enough, this is incredibly frustrating. I also find certain casting calls with height limitations. I will never understand why height is an utter most importance when we have 12 inch heels and there are many girls capable of doing the catwalk or high fashion, why should our height make things that little bit more difficult when you're capable of doing what it is that tall models do? As someone who is 5 foot 4 and very determined to succeed in this industry, I am passionate about this subject, and I don't see how people will notice how tall a girl is in magazines etc. Hopefully petite modelling will become a more often thing in the future and petite models will find it easier to get work.

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