Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sophia Francesca Sargeant - New Perfectly Petite Model and Promoter

Say Hello to Miss Sophia Francesca Sargeant, who will be joining Nicole Abbott, Nicole Farrell and Emily Morton of Perfectly Petite.
We Would like to Welcome Sophia to the group and we look forward to working together.

Here Sophia explains why she wants to be part of the Perfectly Petite Team...

"Personally for me I think promoting petite models is a step that we all need to take. A large population is classed as 'petite' and thus should be included within the modelling industry. When 'standard' models are used on the runway, we tend to forget the fact that petite models did not even have the chance to attend the casting; in fact, they aren't even considered in the casting call! I think petite models need a break through into the modelling industry. This would allow the majority of the population to be able to (for once) relate to a model they see in the latest high fashion magazine."

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